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Michelle Corbett


Since the early 90’s, Michelle has been working at initiating and orchestrating events ranging in experience from weddings, company parties, family and friend's life events and more. Her engaging social personality, organization skills, determination and contagious spirit have always ensured that what she puts her heart and mind to, doesn’t just get done, it gets done exceptionally well.  Michelle has innate gifts of organization, concept design and attention to detail that she finally realized was her true calling.  While she chose a personal career path that worked well with her strengths, and she has excelled in her field of Health Services Management and Business Analysis, she knew that using her skills with people and helping them bring their visions to life was where her heart’s path really was.

Stacy and Michelle have been partnering back and forth for over 20 years with various life events.  It became evident that working together, with Stacy’s creative mind and Michelle’s knack for organization and planning, was in the best interest for them both.  They each assisted in planning and organizing each other’s weddings and knew that was the ultimate calling.  Since Michelle has lived in many areas of MD all her life, she is well versed in the Baltimore and surrounding areas and can always find whatever is needed for your perfect event. She has experience in planning destination weddings and events from small intimate gatherings to hundreds of attendees.

Whether Michelle is arranging an intimate gathering for her personal friends or collaborating with a bride and groom to bring their wedding day visions to life, she isn’t finished or satisfied until there are smiles on everyone’s faces and the last guests are leaving.  When she first started in this business she thought it was all about creating the most beautiful design, finding the best vendors and putting on the best show, but she has come to realize that, while those things are important in the short run, the most valuable part of being an event planner is having the connection with the client and making the planning process fun, relaxed and comfortable while making the client’s visions come true!!

In her spare time, which most of us seem to never have these days, she enjoys spending time with her husband and young daughter, family and friends and researching vacation destinations and outdoor events around the state.  She has also been volunteering at the USO of the Metropolitan area for the past 16 years, assisting military members and their families with coordinating the logistics of military life and travel.


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